The Importance Of Asbestos Awareness Training


Actually people need asbestos awareness training although it is not popular because it can save people’s live by providing a primary knowledge about how to handle asbestos for homeowners and workers. The knowledge is about how to identify its presence, where it’s usually found in buildings and how we can avoid its exposure. By having that knowledge, poeple can avoid being exposed by this deadly material.

  • The definition of asbestos

Naturally asbestos belongs to fibrous minerals which can be found everywhere, especially in fireproofing and noise reduction materials, electrical insulation, building material, chemical filters, and many more. Because of its size, asbestos particles are airborne which can be inhaled to the lung. This can cause mesothelioma, cancer and other asbestos-related diseases.

Asbestos awareness training is essential due to its presence. As we know that asbestos is found everywhere, like in houses and schools. In the workplace or home, sprayed-in insulation above ceilings and on steel beams contain asbestos. Ceiling and flooring tiles too, especially if they were manufactured before 1981, usually they were 9-inch and 12-inch tiles.

  • How to know if the asbestos fibres are dangerous

Normally, there will be notice stuck on the door or wall to alert you about asbestos contained around there. Furthermore, a label will be placed to let people know that in that electrical insulation contains asbestos.

  • How to avoid asbestos exposure

Actually we cannot see whether a material contains asbestos or not only by seeing it. But at least if we are aware of its location, where they normally are found, such as at flooring and ceiling tiles, accoustic ceilings, electrical insulation and other types of material, you can avoid asbestos exposure.

It is suggested that if we are not sure about a material contains asbestos or not, we should assume that they do. Because to get the exact result, we need to have the samples from Environmental Health and Safety Department and check them in the laboratory. Just let the professional do it for you because its airborne particles can possibly be inhaled by you.

When you see a thing marked as containing hazardous asbestos, don’t try to touch it, for instance 9-inch flooring tiles or decorative ceiling tiles. Also, you are suggested not to move, cut, disturb, saw, hammer or damage any kind of things which you believe that they are containing the deadly mineral.

Contacting Environmental Health and Safety Department is the thing that you must do before performing any work like fixing, replacing, moving, maintaining or removing electrical insulation pipe or ducts, ceiling tiles, “popcorn” ceilings or flooring tiles until the time you get to perform the work dealing with asbestos, thus you need to make sure whether the product contains asbestos or not.

After verifying that your products are nontoxic, you may start working. Nonetheless, if you find any asbestos contained in the product, you ought to contact certified professional to remove or seal it first. After that has been done, you can continue to do your work.

It is important to always report the products that contain asbestos to Environmental Health Safety Department including any kind of damage products because it will be very dangerous if you clean up them by yourself, even before proving that they don’t contain asbestos fibres. Beside keeping away youself from the asbestos, you should to keep people around you away from it too. By remembering where their place is, you have contributed yourself to help others by reminding them, making some notice or telling them not to be around it.